I have lost 15lbs and a few inches everywhere – I even wore a pair of jeans I had not looked at in two years!  Mat always challenges me and without his expertise and his positive influence, I don’t think I would be where I am today.  I think that one of the things I like the best is the fact that no two sessions are the same…There is always a new element or a new look at an exercise which, somehow, keeps me going for more…Thanks Mat!

– Janique

Mat’s a pro. He understands your fitness goals, and caters a plan to achieve them. His one-on-one sessions allowed me to work on my weaknesses and explore additional exercise approaches through his blog. I enjoyed our training sessions.

– Chris

I am an active person to begin with but needed something more to step up my game. I find Core Conditioning  fun, different and challenging in a relaxed, caring and professional atmosphere. What else can you ask for?


Before I started training at Core Conditioning I thought I was in OK shape, but I knew I needed to mix it up and push myself harder if I wanted to see any results. Mat showed me new exercises that I had never done and helped to motivate me to take it to a higher level. I love the fact that every class is different and Mat motivates everyone in the class to work hard during and outside of the class time. Mat keeps everyone moving and customizes exercises for those who have injuries or medical problems. Mat always brings new elements to the class and is constantly sharing his fitness knowledge with the class.


If you are looking for a challenging, fun workout that challenges not only your body, but also your coordination, your balance, and your mind look no further than Core Conditioning. You are guaranteed some good, sore muscles that you might not have known you had. You will definitely learn about whole body fitness.


I recently finished my first ever boot camp. Mat was an awesome instructor. He planned a wide variety of intense, challenging yet somehow fun! workouts. Mat motivated all of us at the camp to push ourselves and we all had great results. Personally I know that without Mat’s quiet yet firm pressure I would have only worked a fraction as hard! Thanks Mat!

– Dee

When I first started training with Mat, my main goal was to increase my endurance. I can say mission accomplished! I have never had so much strength and energy… and it’s still improving! The classes with Mat are always different so, never boring! He keeps me motivated and, for me, that’s what’s important in a trainer. Thanks Mat!

– Marie-France

There are no excuses


I  highly recommend Mat – he really knows his stuff. He makes boot camp fun while pushing and motivating you. Don’t be fooled by Mat’s gentle nature – you still get an intense workout! He’s a great instructor!

– Darlene


One thought on “Testimonials

  1. I agree with all of the endorsement comments posted here. Mat’s workouts are awesome because his exercises target all the right zones and he really pushes you to work that extra little bit – which makes all the difference in reaching your fitness goals.

    As some of the comments above have stated, Mat’s sessions are always varied and fun with interesting and challenging little twists which keep you moving and totally focused on your workout. Before you know it the workout’s done, and so are you :-).

    Oh, and one other thing, Mat has one of those easy going and genuine, personality that you cannot help but like, and he’s fun to be around.


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