Core Conditioning – 2 workouts per week plus homework for your ‘off days’

Personal Training – 1 on 1 training where the focus is you and your unique goals.

Small Group Training – Train with your friends or teammates!

Corporate Boot Camps – Train with coworkers before, during or after work!

Core Conditioning is Montreal’s newest fitness training program for people looking for results that last. With over 10 year’s experience training clients how to make the changes necessary for attaining and maintaining long term goals, we are committed to teaching our clients how to incorporate exercise and good food choices into their lives.

All Core Conditioning classes are scalable and people of all skill levels can participate.  We have plenty of experience running classes with clients who have wildly different skill sets.

All personal training and small group training programs are designed for each client’s and group’s unique goals, needs and skill set.

For more questions, please call or email Mat Schatkowsky at:

514 224 1533

Prepare for Tomorrow and Start Training Today!


2 thoughts on “Programs

    1. There is a drop in fee of $15, but that can be put towards any program you choose. I have unlimited monthly options and punch cards that can be purchased for classes, minus the initial $15 you put in.

      Take care,

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