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10 Tips for Spring Fitness Success

Slow and Steady – Aim for exercising every other day and build up your intensity.  If you don’t, you risk injury to both your body and your ego. Train with Others at your Fitness Level – Find a friend or a group you can train with so you can increase the intensity safely and share… Continue reading 10 Tips for Spring Fitness Success

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13 Tips for 2013

It’s a new year and a new opportunity for stepping things up.  Whether you are just getting started on a training regimen, or you have been at it for a while and are looking for some ideas to fine tune your daily routine, the following 13 Tips for 2013 will help you reach your fitness… Continue reading 13 Tips for 2013

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7 Holiday Party Survival Tips

Holiday season is upon us and so, here are some helpful tips to keep you on track during the season’s parties. 1. Fill up on vegetables. This one is pretty simple, eat lots of veggies, avoid the heavy dips and you will be all right. 2. Go for the protein.  Eating protein helps to create… Continue reading 7 Holiday Party Survival Tips

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Weekly Workout: Kettlebell Circuit

Start with a warm up that will leave you just breaking a sweat.  The ‘farmer’s walk’ is a good way to start if you have two kettlebells kicking around.  If not, dumbbells will suffice. Next, do a set of joint mobility exercises to make sure you are good and limber.  Then, Kettlebell Circuit Do each… Continue reading Weekly Workout: Kettlebell Circuit

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Guerilla Workout: The Commute

My newest angle to encourage my readers to get out and be active is called the Guerilla Workout.  The basis of a Guerilla Workout is to create a workout wherever you are and to fit it into your schedule so there are no possible excuses.  You have to outsmart your lazy self. I have just… Continue reading Guerilla Workout: The Commute

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Workout: 200 Point Challenge

  Your Goal: Accumulate 200 points by completing the exercises below, you can print this workout off and initial beside each completed exercise to track your progress. The beauty of this workout is you can choose your own adventure! The only rule is: you can not do the same exercise twice in a row. 200… Continue reading Workout: 200 Point Challenge