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Ladder Style Workout

In this ladder style workout, once you are warmed up, go for a 5 minute jog/run, then do the set below for the reps indicated. Warm up for 5 minutes – get a good sweat on Joint Mobility/Dynamic Stretches for 5 mins. Jog for 5 minutes Do the following: 1. B to C Squat (tha’ts… Continue reading Ladder Style Workout


Workout: Pyramid Set

It’s a simple set for this weekend, however, with such good weather on the horizon, it would be a crime if you didn’t get outside everyday and did something active! Pyramid: Do 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 of each of the following: Kettlebell Swing Push Up Tuck Jumps V-Sit Up 180 Degree Jump Squat Supermans… Continue reading Workout: Pyramid Set


At Home Medicine Ball Circuit

For this workout, all you need is a medicine ball. Do a good warm up and your joint mobility exercises before getting started. Medicine Ball Ladder Circuit: Do the following sets of reps of each exercise 5 times 1. Medicine Ball Burpee 2. Wood Chop 3. Crunches with Medicine Ball on Chest 4. Russian Twist… Continue reading At Home Medicine Ball Circuit


At Home Kettlebell Circuit

For this workout, get a sweat on, make sure you do your joint mobility exercises and be prepared for a kettlebell workout. Do each of the exercises below: 1 Hand Swing L Squat Press Around the Body Pass 1 Hand Swing R Clean and press L Around the Body Pass 2 hand swing Clean and… Continue reading At Home Kettlebell Circuit


Super Bowl Workout

I can imagine you are saying ‘again with the Super Bowl?” But bear with me. ┬áIf you find yourself at the gym or at home with a kettlebell, or with some friends and you have several kettlebells around, try this workout below. For every eventuality below I have tagged an exercise and a rep value… Continue reading Super Bowl Workout