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Ladder Style Workout

In this ladder style workout, once you are warmed up, go for a 5 minute jog/run, then do the set below for the reps indicated. Warm up for 5 minutes – get a good sweat on Joint Mobility/Dynamic Stretches for 5 mins. Jog for 5 minutes Do the following: 1. B to C Squat (tha’ts… Continue reading Ladder Style Workout

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Guerilla Workout: The Partner

It can be extremely challenging to keep motivated during a lull or a plateau in your training.  I know from experience that those times when you feel like you are getting nothing from training or you have an injury or you just get plain bored can be the biggest obstacles to staying on track.  I… Continue reading Guerilla Workout: The Partner

Guerilla Workouts

Guerrilla Workout: The Morning

This set of Guerilla Workout tips is more along the lines of making an effort to be active everyday. For myself, I have gone through a series of back injuries that I never gave a chance to heal properly. In the last round of physio I went through (side note: see the Sports Therapy Clinic… Continue reading Guerrilla Workout: The Morning

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Guerrilla Workout: The Vacation

I am off from work this week and I was racking my brain for ideas to keep busy and active. I know from experience that if you don’t make a real effort to be active during your time off, your vacation can get away from you very quickly. For myself, I have planned some rather… Continue reading Guerrilla Workout: The Vacation

Guerilla Workouts

Guerilla Workout: The Lunch

At my old workplace I had the luxury of a shower that employees could use at their discretion, so long as it wasn’t being abused.  I was the only one to take advantage of this perk, which baffled me. I used my lunch hours to go on a 4-5 km jog 3 times a week. … Continue reading Guerilla Workout: The Lunch

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Guerilla Workout: The Commute

My newest angle to encourage my readers to get out and be active is called the Guerilla Workout.  The basis of a Guerilla Workout is to create a workout wherever you are and to fit it into your schedule so there are no possible excuses.  You have to outsmart your lazy self. I have just… Continue reading Guerilla Workout: The Commute