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10 Tips for Spring Fitness Success

Slow and Steady – Aim for exercising every other day and build up your intensity.  If you don’t, you risk injury to both your body and your ego.

Train with Others at your Fitness Level – Find a friend or a group you can train with so you can increase the intensity safely and share your experience with others, which will help you stay on track later in the season.

Support Each Other – Listen to your training partners and support them when they are in need of a boost, you will likely need the help at some point too.

Have Fun – This can be easier said than done, but try to make it fun.  Join a team or start exercising with family.  Cycling together is a great way to get outside and see your neighbourhood.

Take it Outside – The weather is getting nice outside!  Get out and enjoy it.  Shake off that cabin fever.

Expect the Weather To Change – Dress appropriately and be ready for major swings in the weather.

Set a Challenge – Set yourself a goal to accomplish.  Making goals can help keep you on track.  For example, a couple years ago in March, I set myself a goal of running a 10km race after 3 months.  With this date looming in my mind, I got out and trained for the race all spring in anticipation, then kept running all summer after the race.

Have an Incentive – This can pair with the Challenge nicely.  Promise yourself a gift once you accomplish your Challenge and be sure to follow through once it’s done.  You will appreciate not only accomplishing the Challenge, but the gift too.

Take Time Off – If you are feeling ill or are feeling like a day’s rest will help, take the time off and recover.  As noted above, don’t rush into a workout regime unprepared. Proper rest is as important as exercise.  Just be sure to get back to it the next day.

Take up a Sport – For those of you with a competitive edge, or those who have trouble ‘just exercising’, why not try a new (or old) sport?  It’s a great way to learn something new, meet new people and have fun doing it.  You won’t even notice that you are getting into shape.


One thought on “10 Tips for Spring Fitness Success

  1. Great post! I was just answering some questions from someone looking on tips to get motivated to start working out, and a lot of what you’re suggesting here would be perfect for her. Thanks for sharing!

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