Medicine Ball Circuit

For this workout, as with any workout, make sure you are properly warmed up – get a good sweat on.  One example for a warm up is the Wood Chop Set.   Do the following exercises 30x each as a circuit three times.

Wood Chop

Twist Chop

Diagonal Chop

After that, make sure your joints are warmed up.  Then:

Medicine Ball Push Up – Do a push up where you have 1 hand on the medicine ball.  Once up, roll the ball to the other hand and repeat for 1 rep.

Medicine Ball Burpee – Start with the medicine ball over your head.  Crouch down and place the ball on the ground and step your feet out so you are in a plank position.  Then return to standing up with the ball over your head.  That’s 1 rep.

Medicine Ball Slam – As easy as it sounds – Slam the ball into the ground, pick it up and repeat.

Medicine Ball Crunch – Hold the medicine ball on your chest and do a proper crunch so your shoulder blades come off the ground.

Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers – Start in a plank position with both hands holding the medicine ball.  Alternate stepping 1 foot up so your knee touches your elbow.  Doing left and right counts for 1 rep.

As a circuit, do 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 reps.

Take the necessary breaks and time yourself.  Try this workout again in 6 weeks to gauge your progress.

Don’t forget to stretch once you are finished!

Good Luck!


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