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13 Tips for 2013

It’s a new year and a new opportunity for stepping things up.  Whether you are just getting started on a training regimen, or you have been at it for a while and are looking for some ideas to fine tune your daily routine, the following 13 Tips for 2013 will help you reach your fitness goals.

1. Join a Class – Working out by yourself is a great idea, but sometimes, in the dead of winter, or on the hottest day of the year, it can be very easy to skip your workout when no one else will notice you have skipped a workout or two or three.  Joining a fitness, martial art or dance class will give you a chance to meet new people, who will quickly become a support group and keep you on track.  And you can return the favour when they try to duck out, too.

2. Brown Bag It – Make and bring a lunch to work and skip going out.  It’s not only going to help trim your waistline, but it will help trim your budget.

3. Take It One Day at a Time – Remember – Rome wasn’t built in a day.  If you slip up one day and skip a workout or eat an entire chocolate cake, take the opportunity to see why that happen, readjust and stick to your plan.  One day won’t ruin things.

4. Take it One Day at a Time (2) – Reaching your goals will not happen overnight.  Changing your lifestyle will take time and there will be many roadblocks and plateaus along the way.  Making long term goals is great, but make yourself daily goals as well.  A long term goal is an accumulation of daily successes.  Use each day to reinforce your focus.

5. Read the Ingredients – This one is simple and can be the most difficult.  If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it.

6. Ditch the Soda – If you drink sodas (even diet sodas), stop!  Drink water instead.  If you want to reward yourself, try drinking a Perrier with some lime, lemon or orange juice squeezed in.

7. Multi-Task – Bike to work, walk your kids to the museum, get outside during lunch.  Find those times during your day where you have nothing to do and are just checking your cellphone out of habit and exercise instead.

8. Be a Vegetarian (For a Day) – Go meatless for a day each week.  This can be a good exercise in realizing meat doesn’t have to be the centre of each meal.  Go ahead and look up some new recipes and try them out.  You might surprise yourself.

9. Try Something New – If you have always wanted to go rock climbing, try it!  You might love it!  If you have always wanted to downhill ski, try it!  You never know!  If you have always wanted to salsa dance, try it!  A lifelong love of exercise might be just around the corner.

10. Reward Yourself – Once your goals are set, set yourself a reward for reaching this goal.  And then make sure to reward yourself when the time comes.  You will appreciate your hard work.

11. Plan an Active Vacation – Don’t just plan to go to Cuba and sit on the beach drinking Pina Coladas all week. Plan to climb a mountain, go scuba diving, ride bikes along the coast.  Sometimes trying a new activity in a different setting will be enough to start the ball rolling all the way home and become a part of your routine.

12. Find New Music – Search out tunes that will motivate you and play them all the time.  Keep on the hunt for songs that lift you up and keep you in good spirits.  Add these songs to your workout play list and keep expanding.  Soon you will have tonnes of songs at the ready that will help motivate you when you need it.

13. Get a Mentor – Find someone who has set and reached similar goals and pick their brain.  Or find a fitness professional who can help your develop a safe, realistic and sustainable plan.  If you don’t know where to start, ask somebody!


One thought on “13 Tips for 2013

  1. Happy New Year Matt and Sheila – I hope all is going well and all is developing as it should. Loved your Christmas tree. Continuing to enjoy following your blog.

    Things are going well here too – the only downer is that the Boot Camp being offered at Plant Bath (that Meghan and I attended this fall) is in danger of not running this session due to lack of interest. Not good.

    Take good care and a big hi to Sheila.

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