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7 Holiday Party Survival Tips

Holiday season is upon us and so, here are some helpful tips to keep you on track during the season’s parties.

1. Fill up on vegetables. This one is pretty simple, eat lots of veggies, avoid the heavy dips and you will be all right.

2. Go for the protein.  Eating protein helps to create the feeling of  being full.

3. Crack some nuts.  Actually. Crack. Nuts.  Instead of mowing down handfuls of salty nuts from a dish, grab a nutcracker and get to work.  One the one hand, you will eat less because you are doing something with your hands and on the other you will avoid all that salt!

4. Eat off Grandma’s china.  If you are making dinner at home, pull out the smaller sized dishes.  It’s a proven way to eat less.  This is also a tip for people looking to lose weight, so why not put it into use over the holidays when most weight is gained?

5. Be the DD.  That’s right, be the responsible one this holiday season and you will avoid the copious amounts of calories all your favourite drinks drag along with them.

6. Eat before you go.  This is a great idea that I use when I am going out.  Eat a healthy meal before you go out to a party, that way you won’t be tempted by all your holiday weaknesses on the buffet table.

7. Burn extra calories.  Some research shows that adding just 10 more minutes of intense exercise to your usual workout can stave off holiday weight gain.


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