Guerilla Workouts

Guerrilla Workout: The Morning

This set of Guerilla Workout tips is more along the lines of making an effort to be active everyday. For myself, I have gone through a series of back injuries that I never gave a chance to heal properly. In the last round of physio I went through (side note: see the Sports Therapy Clinic at Carleton if you are in the Ottawa area and looking for a physiotherapist), I knew I didn’t want to go through this same injury again, so I vowed that I would do what ever I could to avoid this injury.

What this means is that during my last round of physio, I was told to do the prescribed exercises and stretches everyday. For me that meant I had to do them in the morning otherwise I would never do them. That has now become 30 minutes of stretching and exercises that I do in the mornings minutes after I get out of bed.

For me the change was how I looked at my body. I think it’s easiest if I give you an analogy. If you own a car, you have to put fuel in it, change the oil, put your winter tires on and get a regular service, whether you have the time or money. And most people do these things on a regular basis because they know if they don’t put gas in the car, it won’t go. They know that if they don’t change the oil on a regular basis the engine wears out faster. They know if they don’t put the right tires on, they will go skidding off the road. Ultimately, most people know if they don’t maintain their car properly, it could kill them, or at the very least cost them a lot of money.

Now to your body. If you don’t put good fuel in your body it won’t run properly. I am not a nutritionist or a doctor, but I think a good rule to follow is if it comes in a box or a can, there is probably something in there that isn’t necessarily good for you. If you don’t exercise and stretch on a regular basis, your joints and bones and muscles will wear out faster. If you don’t warm up properly, you will injure yourself when exercising. Ultimately, if you don’t properly maintain your body, it could kill you or at the very least cost you a lot of money.

So as I said, I changed how I looked at myself and realized that if I maintained my body I would enjoy it for years to come. I also realized my inherent laziness and tried to outsmart myself. I made it a habit to get up in the morning, stumble to the office and start stretching. That is the first thing I do in the morning. That way, when I am lazy later in the day, I will skip doing something other than maintaining my body (hopefully I skip 30 more minutes with my iPad).

So while this is under the heading of a Guerilla Workout, this is also a piece of advice to help you outsmart yourself. Figure out the reasons you don’t properly maintain your body and silently remove those roadblocks to health. Actively engage in your longevity.

Challenge yourself!


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