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Guerrilla Workout: The Vacation

I am off from work this week and I was racking my brain for ideas to keep busy and active. I know from experience that if you don’t make a real effort to be active during your time off, your vacation can get away from you very quickly.

For myself, I have planned some rather serious landscaping, making a stone wall and a day long hike in Algonquin park. But what if I was not out at the cottage? What could I do in a city? Well, I am glad you asked. The easiest answer is: if you are staying in a hotel – most hotels have a gym or a swimming pool. Get out and use them! You are paying for these in the cost of your room, so why not get full value for your stay?

If you like being outside, do some research beforehand and look for parks and trails nearby. Getting out on local trails is a great way to see another side of the city you aren’t likely to see otherwise. You can also download a workout from my blog and bring that along to keep yourself supplied with some ideas for workout sets.

If you have a membership at one of the big chain fitness centers, many will transfer access to the city you are in for the duration of your vacation. Or, you can try out fitness classes, yoga classes, boot camps or martial arts classes, often for free. Just take a look online to see what is available nearby. Plus, trying local classes are a great way to meet locals, and you ever know, you might get turned on to a great restaurant you never knew about or a different place to take your kids that isn’t on the beaten path.

Do you have any other vacation fitness tips? Just comment on this post! I am always looking for new ideas!


One thought on “Guerrilla Workout: The Vacation

  1. I look for bikes to rent in most major cities now..especially when I travel to Montreal and toronto, with the biki bikes for rent in the downtown core. I rented on last year for the day and enjoyed cycling along the canal and throughout the Montreal

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