Indoor/Outdoor Kettlebell Circuit

So I put together a Kettlebell Circuit for you to try, the weather is getting colder, so if it’s too crummy out for you, find a spot in your basement or a room you can sprint from one side to the other in.  You will have a kettlebell at Station A and just a yoga mat at station B.  Enjoy!

Do a good warm up and your joint mobility exercises, then:

Kettlebell Circuit

A)                                     B)

KB Swing                         Tuck Jumps

Clean and Press L             Crunches

KB Swing L                      Jump Squat

Clean and Press R             Toe Touches

KB Swing R                      Push Ups

Do the first exercise on Column A, then run across room or field you are on and do Column B exercise.  Then, run back to A, and do next exercise and so on.

You will do 3 sets of this Circuit.

First Time: 20 x each exercise

Second Time 15 x each exercise

Third Time: 10x each exercise

When finished, don’t forget to do your static stretches.


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