Guerilla Workouts

Guerilla Workout: The Lunch

At my old workplace I had the luxury of a shower that employees could use at their discretion, so long as it wasn’t being abused.  I was the only one to take advantage of this perk, which baffled me.

I used my lunch hours to go on a 4-5 km jog 3 times a week.  On the days I went running I still had enough time to shower, stretch and eat.  And that’s another example of a Guerilla Workout.  Really, it is that simple.  If you have a workplace where a shower is available, or you are very close to a gym and can take a little extra time at lunch, you have just found a way to fit exercise into your schedule with minimal effort, so to speak.

The key to a 30 to 40 minute workout is to get warmed up quickly and be efficient with your time.  Choose exercises that give you the most bang for your buck or that you actually enjoy doing.  Kettlebell workouts and Tabata sets are very efficient.  Soccer drills or cycling can be really fun, if that’s what you are into.

You can also spend part of your lunch stretching if you already are working out.  You can never stretch too much.  If you work in an office and you have a door, close it, turn the lights off and spend 15 minutes stretching.  This will make your other workouts more effective and will help to reduce your stress levels throughout the day.

If you are into yoga, do that.  If you are into a martial art that has forms or katas, do that.  The key here is to keep moving and to make being active a part of your routine.  Keep your metabolism high through frequent exercise and you will naturally burn more calories at rest.

Just another tip for incorporating exercise into your day.  Challenge yourself everyday!



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