Workout: Medicine Ball Circuit

For this workout, all you need is a medicine ball.

Do a good warm up and your joint mobility exercises before getting started.

Medicine Ball Ladder Circuit:

Do the following sets of reps of each exercise 5 times

1. Medicine Ball Sit Up

2. Wood Chop

3. Crunches with Medicine Ball on Chest

4. Russian Twist

5. Walking Lunge with a Twist at the Bottom

6. Leg Raises While Flat on Ground

7. Squat Press

8. Plank – with hands on Medine Ball

9. Calf Raises – Hold Medicine Ball Overhead

10. Jump Squat – No Medicine Ball.

Repeat the Circuit for the following number of reps: 10, 15, 20

Try timing yourself while doing this set and test yourself in a month’s time to track your progress.

And do your static stretches after!


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