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Guerilla Workout: The Commute

My newest angle to encourage my readers to get out and be active is called the Guerilla Workout.  The basis of a Guerilla Workout is to create a workout wherever you are and to fit it into your schedule so there are no possible excuses.  You have to outsmart your lazy self.

I have just moved to a new city and I have found that my commute time will be the same whether I take public transit or ride a bike.  That is a prime opportunity for a Guerilla Workout.  My public transit time is roughly 45 minutes, included in that time is about 22 minutes of walking.  Which in itself is OK as it equals about 44 minutes of brisk walking a day.

However, if I ride my bike all the way to work, I have roughly a 45 minute ride depending on the direction of the wind.  Double that and I am now looking at 90 minutes of dedicated physical activity per day.  An added bonus is I save on the cost of public transit.  All I have to do is maintain my bike.  It’s the perfect Guerilla Workout.

Granted, I still have to stretch and do strength training on top of all this, but by incorporating exercise into something I already have to do everyday (commute to work), I am that much further ahead.

An option for my you, my readers, is to shun the elevator as much as is possible, park further away from work and walk it in or take public transit, get off at a stop further away and jog it in.  Honestly, getting up 15 minutes earlier in the morning so you can dedicate some time to yourself is only going to impact your life positively.

On the days I bike to work, I am energized throughout my day and considerably better focused, thereby improving my productivity.  I function better all around.  And so can you.  Leave a comment below to let me know your ideas for incorporating exercise into your regular days.

One final tip: think about exercising and stretching as body maintenance.  If you own a car it has to be maintained in order for it to run well, right?  So you change the oil and keep the tires properly inflated and wash it regularly.  Well, your body is no different.  In fact, it is the original mode of transportation and it doesn’t take much to keep it running well.

In my next post about Guerilla Workouts, I will focus on your lunch.

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One thought on “Guerilla Workout: The Commute

  1. Totally agree on the shunning the elevator, I am a single mom with 3 kids and a trialthlete. I have to work in training at every possible opportunity. I use the stairs 1-3 times a day, all 17 flights, it amounts to 300 stairs for every climb. If I do it 3 times in a day, that is 900 stairs. It has really helped in my biking. I got a bit sweaty the first few times but now I don’t….hence no need for a shower. I also run to appointments and training during the course of the day, my colleagues are now used to it!

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