Tips and Tricks

Workout: 200 Point Challenge


Your Goal: Accumulate 200 points by completing the exercises below, you can print this workout off and initial beside each completed exercise to track your progress.

The beauty of this workout is you can choose your own adventure!

The only rule is: you can not do the same exercise twice in a row.

200 Point Challenge:

Exercise                     Point Value               Score

20 Rear Delt Raise      5

20 bent over rows        5

20 Tricep Extensions    5

20 Bicep Curls             5

10 Burpees                  5

25 Squat Presses        10

25 Step Ups                10

25 Push Ups                10

15 Sprints                    15

5 mins – Jogging           10

2 mins – Plank               15

10 mins – Jogging          25



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