Tips and Tricks

300 Point Partner Workout

For this workout, grab a summer partner and put them to work!

300 Partner Workout

Do each pair of exercises with your partner and accumulate the assigned points to reach 300!

1.     A) 30 hop circles

B) 30 crunches                                                      30 pts

2.     A) 20 Resistance Band Partner Press

B) 20 Resistance Band Tricep Row                         20 pts

3.     A) 30 KB Swings

B) 30 Russian Twists                                             30pts

4.     A) 20 Squat/Curl/Press

B) 20 Skater Squat (each side)                              20pts

5.     A) 30 Push Ups

B) 30 Tricep Push Ups                                          30pts

6.     A) 40 Mountain Climbers

B) 40 Spider Mountain Climbers                            20pts


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