New Workout

FYI this weekend I had a lost dog situation on Saturday and a flipped sail boat on Sunday which ate up most of my days, leaving me exhausted.  I apologise for not putting this post up earlier.  All is well, found the dog and righted the boat.  No major injuries.

Tabata Workout:

Start out by going for a jog, and do your joint mobility exercises.


Adjust your online tabata clock or get your watch ready:  You have the following 4 exercises to do:

1. Jump Squats

2. Bottom Up Press with Kettlebell

3. Crunches

4. Burpees (with a push up and tuck jump

For the Tabata sets, do #1 twice, #2 twice, #3 twice and #4 twice.

Go for a 5 minute jog.  That’s 1 set.

Do 3 sets total, then do your static stretches.



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