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Tabata Workout for Blog Readers

Here’s a group of Tabata sets you can do for an awesome workout.  A Tabata set is where you do an exercise (or in this case two different exercises) for 20 seconds as hard as you can, followed by a 10 second break.  Then repeat for a total of 8 sets (4 minutes).  You can find tabata timers online here: Tabata Timer or download an app for your smartphone or mp3 player.

Before getting started on this set, make sure you have warmed up properly and done a set of joint mobility exercises.

For each of the sets below, do the A) set for 20 seconds, take a 10 second break, then to B) set for 20 seconds, take a 10 second break, then go back to A) set and repeat until you reach 4 minutes total.  Take a 1 minute break between each of the numbered sets before continuing on.

All Tabata Sets to be done 20 seconds on, 10 off for 4 minutes

1 minute rest between sets.

1. A) Invisible Chair
B) 180 Jump Squat

2. A) Plank
B) Push Ups

3. A) Seated Salutation Pose – feet off ground and hands up
B) Russian Twist

4. A) Leg Raises
B) Crunches

5. A) Shoulder Press
B) Bicep Curl

6. A) Split Lunge
B) High Knees

Don’t forget to stretch afterward!


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