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Ask almost any child and they will tell you the average human body is 60 to 70% water. Ask any adult how much water they drink in a day and I guarantee you he or she is not drinking enough water. Why is water important? Why should we stop to have a drink of water? Not all beverages are created equal, so beware!

Water is needed in the regulation of body temperature and in the transmission of nutrients to organs in your body. Also, your lungs, heart, brain and muscles contain a lot of water, so when you are lacking it, these organs aren’t working as well as they should. And do not forget your blood! Made mainly of water, blood transports oxygen to your cells and removes waste.

Due to the fact water is lost through breathing, sweating and going to the bathroom you have to drink plenty of water throughout the day and even more than the minimum 8 to 10 cups of water a day if it is hot out or you are exercising. Diuretics, such as beverages containing caffeine or alcohol, will require you to drink more water as they confuse your body into thinking it has more water than it actually does.

Interesting fact: drinking one alcoholic beverage will require you to drink an equal amount of water to rehydrate yourself.

Other benefits of drinking enough water include: curing headaches caused by dehydration, decreasing chances of kidney stones, helping keep blood pressure and cholesterol on the low side. Being even mildly dehydrated can cause chronic joint pain, lower back pain and constipation. Strong smelling, dark yellow or amber coloured urine is an indication of dehydration. So is feeling thirsty. In fact, you will have needed water a long time before you even started to feel thirsty.

Where can I get water? The best place to get it is from your tap or bottles. Drink the pure stuff whenever you can. You can also get some water from fleshy fruits, vegetables, or freshly squeezed juices when available. Try putting lemon or lime in your water for an added twist – both will also help your cells absorb water when needed.


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