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Bonus Workout For Blog Readers

Hi everyone!

I haven’t posted for a few days because of an injury and have been trying to rest as much as possible.  For all of you out there in the internet world, I have put together a killer set for you to try out at home or in a park.

First, make sure you are warmed up – do what you have to get a good sweat going on, and do joint mobility exercises to loosen everyrthing up. Then do 1 of each of the following exercises:

Alternating wide stance and narrow stance squats (one of each)

Full Body Crunch

Jumping jacks

Wide stance push ups (arms wide apart)

Toe Touches

Alternating lunge (each leg)


Then do the set again for the following reps each: 2-15

When you are finished, go for a 20 minute jog or a 40 minute bike ride.  When you return, do static stretches, holding each position for 30 seconds at least.

Have Fun!


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