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Tips &Tricks: The Kettlebell Squat Press

This is a great exercise that is good for coordinating movement as well as building strength. I like to combine some of the standard exercises (in this case the squat and the shoulder press) not only to make the workout more interesting, but so my clients can feel what it’s like to coordinate their entire body for a single movement.

The Kettlebell Squat Press

  1. Start by picking up the kettlebell safely and bringing it up into the rack position, with the bottom facing up.
    1. I like to start standing up, point my index fingers straight up and my thumbs towards each other so your left hand is making an L and the right is mirroring it.
    2. Bend the knees and come down so you can grip the kettlebell by grabbing its ‘horns’ so your fingers wrap around the ‘horns’, the index fingers are pointing to the ground, and your palms are facing your body.
    3. Stand up so you are in the position to the right, with your shoulders packed and your trunk zipped up.

  1. Go down into a squat, making sure your weight is going back into your hips, being careful to not let your knees cross your toes. Try to maintain the natural arch in your back, which is accomplished by the not letting your knees cross your toes thereby forcing your weight back into your hips.

  1. Extend your legs and press the kettlebell up over your head. At full extension your head should peek out forward past your shoulders just a touch. Keep your shoulder blades together, and your trunk zipped up.

Try doing a Tabata Set where you switch between doing sets of Kettlebell Swings and the Squat Press for a great addition to your workouts. Enjoy!


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