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Are Free Foods Sabotaging Your Diet?

Many restaurants offer free foods as a way to imply value, but as the link below will tell you, ‘free’ isn’t always free. There are consequences to everything you eat or drink.

Are Free Foods Sabotaging Your Diet?

This blog post is so true. One item that jumps to mind are the breadsticks you get at Olive Garden. Tasty and all, feel bloated and rough after eating lots of them. I have to ask myself after eating them, “was that really necessary?” The answer more often than not is no, not necessary.

Often these foods are good naturedly offered, but we have to be careful to not eat food just because it has been given to us. You can think: it will go to waste, and it will if it lands on your table. Or, be proactive and refuse it when it comes to your table. Ask the wait staff to not drop it off at your table. Then, the food won”t be thrown out and you won’t be tempted. Problem solved.


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