Tips and Tricks

10 Tips for Staying Active This Winter

Hey everyone, I know the winter can feel long, but see below for some ideas for keeping active during the winter and getting a jump on the spring, when you actually want to go outside.
  1. Change the way you look at winter.  It’s not just cold, it’s a whole new season to get out and try something different.  All that clothing makes you work harder!
  2. Get outside and play!  Did you know making snow angels burns 214 caloires per hour on average?  How about have a snowball fight?  Whether you win or lose you can burn on average 319 calories per hour or build a snowman (285 calories per hour)
  3. Go skating! You live inOttawa!  It’s Winterlude!  Ice Skating can burn more than 450 calories per hour and it’s a fun way to seeOttawafrom a different perspective!
  4. Still finding it difficult to get outside?  Throw your clothes in the dryer for a couple minutes before going out, that way you won’t feel too drafty when you first get outside into the beautiful sunshine.
  5. Do your homework!  As a Core Conditioning member you have workouts sent to you each week.  Try doing them outside if you want to get out of the house and try something different.
  6. Avoid fancy coffee drinks – they can be laden with up to 700 calories.  Go for a regular coffee or tea with a little milk instead.
  7. Keep to your chores – did you know that walking the dog for 30 minutes at a decent pace can burn 125 calories?  Or that shovelling the snow which is a must at times can burn 230 calories in 30 minutes?
  8. Listen to music while you workout – I know you love my tunes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but bring some music with you when you get outside.
  9. Be sure to warm up and do your joint mobility exercises before working out or doing anything strenuous.  It’s cold out and your muscles and joints will appreciate the extra attention.
  10. Have Fun!  If it isn’t fun, you won’t do it.  Be creative and find new ways to have fun while being active!

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