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Bonus Workout for my Blog Readers

I don`t to give all the attention to just my clients so for my blog readers I want to give you a little taste as well.

Here`s a workout you can do with a friend and modify as needed over the holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

Holiday Buddy Circuit:

Complete the whole set as many times as you can in 35 minutes

  1. One partner bicep curls while the other does 15 burpees – switch
  2. One partner do sit ups while the other does 7 sprints and switch
  3. One partner does 15 bicep curls while the other does 15 push ups, switch
  4. Sit up and pass a dumbbell to each other – 25x
  5. One partner 100 high knees while the other does 20 sumo squats with dumbbell
  6. One partner does leg raises while other does toe touches, 20x
  7. One partner in plank position while the other does 40 jumping jacks
  8. Do 20X tricep extensions together
  9. Do 20X power knees on each leg together
  10. One partner do 15 shoulder presses while the other does 15 dumbbell rows

Don`t forget to warm up properly,  do you joint mobility exercises to avoid injury and do static stretches after your workout.

See you at a Core Class in 2012!


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