Tips and Tricks

Holiday Do’s and Don’ts

5 Things to Do Over the Holidays to Keep To Your Plan

  1. Eat throughout the day. Eating small meals with protein helps to keep your blood sugar up and to curb your appetite so you don’t go hog-wild at the big holiday meal.
  2. Get outside everyday and go for a walk, run other workout you enjoy in the morning, it will help you to survive all the family coming over during the holidays and set the tone for meals later in the day.
  3. Before going to holiday parties, eat at home. Fill up on the good stuff so you won’t be tempted to over-indulge on the things you couldn’t care less about.
  4. Sleep. Seriously, just because you have the time off doesn’t mean you should run yourself ragged. Take the time to enjoy the holidays, you’ve earned it.
  5. Do your homework! I have planned workouts for you and you should be doing them! 6 workouts over 2 weeks is the BARE MINIMUM!


5 Things to Avoid Doing Over the Holidays

  1. Sitting on your butt for 2 weeks. It’s your holiday and you should enjoy it, but you also need to exercise! It is good not just for your body, but your mind as well. You can help to release built up stress by getting active.  Just remember how you feel after the Core Classes and get yourself back to that feeling.
  2. Going back for seconds of dessert. Go ahead and take your plate and have the Death By Chocolate, and a couple cookies, and a Peanut Butter Cluster. Take the good stuff and leave the rest.
  3. Don’t try to tell yourself you start a ‘diet’ after the holidays. You know that doesn’t work. Make the right choices now – snack before a meal, make only a single pass by the dessert table, exercise in the mornings before everything gets started and you will have taken a big step towards reaching your goals for next year.
  4. Don’t eat anything 2 hours prior to going to bed.
  5. Don’t forget that New Year’s Eve is coming up too! It’s easy to forget that another big night is coming up so soon after Christmas – it’s very tempting to turn the week into a binge. Plan ahead.


Enjoy the Holidays and Happy New Year!


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