News and Notes from Core Conditioning

Hey, I just got back from Toronto from a two day intensive on Joint Mobility and Movement.  I am happy to announce I am the first and only personal trainer in Ottawa that’s an Agatsu-Certified Joint Mobility and Movement Instructor!


Thanks to all of my awesome clients for their support!  I really appreciate you coming to my classes – you give me the opportunity to go out and search for more ways to challenge you everyday!

Now for the bad news – your chairs are killing you!  Stand up immediately and read the stats below (taken at liberty from the Globe and Mail), then click this link (Is Your Office Chair Killing You?) for the jump to the Globe and Mail story that outlines how these sinister chairs are succeeding in lulling us into a quiet (and early!) death.

Sitting not so pretty


Every hour of television watched may shorten a person’s life by as much as 22 minutes, according to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine this year.


A 2009 study of more than 17, 000 Canadians found people who sat the most were 50 per cent more like to die during the follow-up period than people who sat the least, regardless of age, smoking, and physical activity levels.


Levels of enzymes that help break down fat drop by 90 per cent as soon as a person sits down.

x 2

Rate of cardiovascular disease among people with sitting jobs compared to people with standing jobs.


A longitudinal study conducted by Australian researchers found each hour of daily television viewing is associated with an 11-per-cent increase in the risk of all-cause mortality regardless of sex, age, waist circumference and physical activity level.


Percentage of Canadians who said busy work days left them with no time to be active on a regular basis, according to a recently survey conducted by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.


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