Tips and Tricks

Side Plank

Too many times do I see people doing the side plank incorrectly, so today we will focus on this exercise today.

Common mistakes are seeing hips hinging or shoulders collapsing and to correct that or even avoid this, it is important to start at the most basic position and once you can do it properly this way, then you graduate to more and more difficult variations involving arms and/or legs in the air.


Side Plank:


  1. while sitting on your side, stack your feet, one on top of the other. (You can also do this from your knees as long as they are stacked)
  2. Place your elbow and forearm on the ground, with your elbow directly underneath your shoulder. *this is important as it ensures proper posture through the exercise
  3. lift your hips and body off of the ground, making sure to keep your torso straight, much like you would do for a regular plank.
  4. Keep your head in line with your spine, it helps me to imagine a steel bar running up my spine through my head. This will aid in keeping the posture correct throughout the exercise.
  5. Breathe into the pit of your stomach, and out, tensing stomach muscles as you exhale.

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